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PBIC 2015 Day One - Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia! 15 Oct, 2015

PBIC 2015 Day One - Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia!


Zepetto annually holds the PBIC (Point Blank International Championship) to celebrate with its PB fans around the world.

In this year, the 5th PBIC 2015 took place at Tennis Indoor Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia. To be remined, PBIC 2012 was held at Trans Studio, Bandung, Indonesia and now Indonesia is the first country to have hosted PBIC twice!



Tennis Indoor Senayan was already heated up with the shouts and roars of the audiences even before PBIC 2015 started.  57d272864940a.jpg


Opened with the promotion movie and performances, PBIC 2015 tournament officially started with the welcome remarks from Joonmin Park of Zepetto.



Those eleven teams from 10 different regions, Russia, Brazil, Peru, Singapore, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Korea, North America, Philippines competed hard to advance to the semi-final.


Thousands of people came to see the playes playing Point Blank and their top notch skills. Audiences are all excited and cheered for their favorite teams.



In the back stage, the players were still playing PB to get warmed up for the match!


At the PBIC 2015, there were more to enjoy!


Here are the results of the matches of PBIC 2015 tournament Day 1


PBIC 2015 Semi-finalists are as below.

    • Group A - DFN Gz-gaming (Thailand), N1CS Marine (Indonesia)
    • Group B - AoeXe (Russia), Indonesia All Star (Indonesia)