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PBIC 2015 Day Two - Congratulations, Thailand! 15 Oct, 2015

PBIC 2015 Day Two - Congratulations, Thailand!


On the second day of PBIC 2015, the event started with the fierce match of semi-finalists.


More people came to see who becomes the world champion of PBIC 2015!


Here are the scenes from the final match, Russia vs. Thailand.

DFN Gz-gaming from Thailand won the champion of PBIC 2015 with USD 50,000 cash prize and the trophy! 


To have fun with PB fans, there was PBIC 2015 event match, the developer Zepetto vs. the publisher Garena! 


Check out the PBIC 2015 special merchandizes sold at the event along the special items. 


JKT 48 performed at the PBIC 2015. PBIC is so much more than a tournament. 

 PBIC is an awesome experience just being there!​