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Zepetto to host Point Blank World Challenge 2016 in South Korea 25 Mar, 2016

Zepetto to host Point Blank World Challenge 2016 in South Korea


  • Zepetto set to have a new global Point Blank tournament in Seoul from May 28 to 29
  • Eight countries have registered for participation in a tournament



(Seoul, Korea – 25 Mar 2016)_ Zepetto Co. (, the developer of world’s renowned online Free to Play FPS (First-Person-Shooter) ‘Point Blank (as known as Piercing Blow in North America and Europe)’ today unveiled the new international tournament, ‘Point Blank World Challenge (PBWC)’ and announced that the new two-day tournament will take place in Seoul, Republic of Korea and set to begin from May 28 to 29 this year with a USD 50,000 prize pool.


Since 2011, Zepetto has been successfully organizing the annual world championship, ‘Point Blank International 

Championship (PBIC)’ where the most skilled teams from service regions compete for Point Blank world champion title. While receiving remarkable attention to PBIC for five consecutive years, Zepetto has launched a new competition, 

PBWC to offer another exciting tournament to its Point Blank fans.


For this first-ever tournament, players from the globe will compete for a spot on a national team to win the world title. 

Eight countries including Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and Republic of Korea already showed great 

interests in participating in the competition and set to hold a national competition.


“We are really excited to hold the first PBWC in Seoul where Point Blank was first developed and serviced” 

said Jean Kim, CEO of Zepetto, “eSports is growing fast year after year and we are hoping that PBWC can offer the 

best challenges to players around the world, proving that FPS is the next big eSport genre.”


The event details will be updated on the official Point Blank website, PBWC 2016 will be streamed 

live to share the moment with the fans.