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PBWC 2018 Report: TokioStriker 19 Jun, 2018




PBWC 2018, the first ever PB global tournament to be held in Brazil has ended. 

It was probably the most fierce tournament ever in PB history,

and the most suitable tournament for the phrase, "Gap is Closing"

PBWC 2018's average round difference in a game was only "2.79",

huge difference from PBIC 2017(5.61) and PBWC 2017(5.31).


It's time to look into how the teams performed in the tournament.

The 6th team we are going to take a look is Thailand national team, TokioStriker.


TokioStriker has shown dominant performance in Group Stage,

as they won against all 3 teams, Russia, Brazil and Peru in Group A.

They fulfilled Thailand fans' expectation with their dominant performance.


On Day 2, they had a close match against Plan-B Gaming but managed to win

and advanced to the final, making Thailand team to reach final of PBWC once again.

EthAnzera's performance was exceptional throughout the series.

3 vs 1 save against Pantawalon e-Sports and 2 vs 1 save against Plan-B was the highlight.


In the Final, TokioStriker faced home team 2Kill Gaming.

In both game 1 & 2, they lost by 5 : 1 in 1st half.

However they managed a dramatic comeback on 2nd half and made it to extra rounds.

Although they lost, their strong mentality were shown clearly.

Especially r2's C-5 that made quadrakill was probably the best moment of entire PB e-Sports history.


Below, you can find out how TokioStriker performed in PBWC 2018.


※ K/R : Kill per Round

※ K/D : Kill per Death

※ KP% : Kill Participation


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