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PBIC 2018 Report: tRush_Skr 02 Jan, 2019




PBIC 2018 was held for the second time in Korea since the first PBIC, which was in 2011.

It created a lot of dramas such as going double extra rounds between Signature.PB and Juventus,
and the first ever Indonesia VS Thailand Final in PB e-Sports history.


Let's look into how the teams performed in the tournament.

First team we are going to take a look is the first participant of PBIC, tRush_Skr.


It was Taiwan's second time to participate in PBIC, since 2013.

Being drawn into same group with strong contenders like Thailand, Russia and Peru,

their challenge seemed to be really tough.

Although they lost all their group stage matches this time,

with this year's experience, they will be sure to perform a lot better for the following tournaments.


Below, you can find out tRush_Skr players' performance in PBIC 2018.


※ K/D : Kill per Death

※ K/R : Kill per Round 

※ KP% : Kill Participation 


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