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PBIC 2018 Report: World Judge ESC 03 Jan, 2019




PBIC 2018 was held for the second time in Korea since the first PBIC, which was in 2011.

It created a lot of dramas such as going double extra rounds between Signature.PB and Juventus,

and the first ever Indonesia VS Thailand Final in PB e-Sports history.


Let's look into how the teams performed in the tournament.

The second team to take a look is Turkey&Azerbaijan representative, World Judge ESC.


4 members of the team already have the experience in Korea in PBWC 2016 which they achieved 3rd place. And Turkey&Azerbaijan region has recorded 3rd place again in earlier that year, so it could have been the best time for them to reach final for the first time.


In the first match against RRQ Endeavour, they pushed the defending champion to the edge by almost securing a draw but with Nextjacks' miraculous play, they lost the match by 8:10.

They sought to secure victory against Brazil but they couldn't get the result they wanted and with RRQ Endeavour securing second victory against Pogiz.RascaL Gaming, their chance to advance to semifinal has disappeared.


Although it was one of the worst result in their history, they are one of the strongest region of Point Blank and will be sure to bounce back in 2019.


Below, you can find out the players' performance in PBIC 2018.


※ K/D : Kill per Death

※ K/R : Kill per Round 

※ KP% : Kill Participation 


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